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Where Sports Meet Science

Welcome to CannaPro Performance, where you can find the most advanced human performance cannabinoid infused topicals, nootropics and supplements designed by athletes for athletes.

The focus of CannaPro is to improve the quality of athletic performance, utilizing unconventional methods of organic supplementation such as nootropics and full spectrum cannabinoids. We achieve a higher level of efficacy through our proprietary compounding processes, which are 100% organic and chemical-free. With over 25 years of experience in the organic compounding industry, our lead chemist has worked hand in hand with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure that any and all CannaPro Performance products are effective, safe, and compliant with federal regulations. CannaPro Performance supports a wide range of professional and amateur sports associations.

Always 100% organic. No preservatives. No chemical fillers. No mineral oil. No alcohol. Nothing bad, but everything good. Designed by nature, delivered by CannaPro Performance CBD.

Keys to Success


“An Action, task, or operation, seen in terms of how successfully it was performed.”

Performance is all about endurance, strength and skill. We train our bodies to handle the stress of physical exertion. We train our minds to overcome obstacles so we can perform at the top of our game. Control your mind and body to ‘Perform At Your Best!’


“An Action, task, or operation, seen in terms of how successfully it was performed.”

Recovery is critical to continued performance. As we push our bodies we can cause joint degeneration and loss of connective tissue elasticity (flexibility). To aide in healthy cellular regeneration and osmotic balance we need to integrate a proper vitamin and mineral routine to restore the body and mind.


“An increase or improvement in quality, value or extent.”

Give yourself the competitive advantage by enhancing your body and mind through nourishment and visualization. Picture yourself accomplishing your goals, believe in yourself and don’t let body fatigue wear you down. Re-vitalize your body so you can train harder … build resistance to failure and you shall succeed.

What Our Athletes Are Saying


What can I say, the Alpha line is exceptional. The anti-inflammatory properties and energy enhancing ingredients help improve any athlete’s performance.

Brian H – Client

Great Product

Had to slowdown my training because of ankle/foot injury. Tried the RapidRelief, and it worked, back to training!

Danielle – Client

Top of my game

It’s the best ever…Ever since I started using CannaPro Performance I have been able to push my limits and recover faster.

Bill – Client

It's a rush

NeuroRush is my new product of choice. I love the focus and energy it gives me.

Laura G – Client

Work out Smarter

This line of CBD products is like no other I have tried. Consistent and powerful, two of the things you want in sports supplements.

Mike L – Client

Smells great

I like the way the product smells! Tried it on a sore muscle and it felt great. It felt cool on the muscle and definitely reduced the pain!! great product!

Brad – Client

Works fantastic!

I have tried other products and this is far superior. Excellent products. Great results, no adverse reactions.

Kara – Client

Fast relief

Tweaked my neck last night, the topical is awesome.

Timothy S – Client

Cool, cool, cool

I really enjoyed the cooling feeling of the product and the fact that it worked very well!

Maddox – Client